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Uno Minuto - The best Florence Museums with Kids

Palazzo Strozzi

Palazzo Strozzi exhibits, kids packs, reserve either a workshop or tour in English. This small museum in the Renaissance Palazzo of the Strozzi family, between the Ponte Vecchio and the Duomo, offers big benefits to families. The rotating exhibits are always of the highest level, every year I am amazed, currently the exhibit features Picasso in the context of Spanish Modernity. The exhibitions are assembled with interactive captions engaging for parents and children, and families can request for free with your ticket a drawing kit and an exhibit “suitcase” with activities for everyone. Workshops are available in English for kids of all ages if you have more time. At a minimum, pop in to their book store and grab the “Florence for Families” free pocket guide.

Palazzo Vecchio

Kids love to see history come alive. The Children’s Museum at Palazzo Vecchio is an interactive exhibit in the palazzo in a series of rooms that recreate the Renaissance era of Cosimo de Medici with antique clothing, furnishings, and art. A stop here will help the kids view the city with new eyes when you step back out into the piazza!

Galileo Museum

This “Virtual Museum” brilliantly allows kids to explore among the treasures curated here to gain a rich understanding of how the culture of the Renaissance fueled scientific innovations and influenced modern science. Located near Piazza della Signornia, head here after the Palazzo Vecchio to let your little genius’s inspiration soar even further! I also suggest looking at the museum’s website in advance of your visit as there are some kid-friendly videos and even 3 online games on Galileo’s scientific discoveries.

Kids love macabre, too, of course—Galileo’s petrified finger is ceremoniously displayed here, pointing to the sky, in an egg-shaped glass and gold urn among the noble scientific instruments that changed our view of the cosmos.

And from my Amico, James Bradburne, Director of the Palazzo Strozzi Museum in Florence, “Looking at art with attention opens minds to a world of creativity, exploration and critical thinking. It is an essential step towards a life in which we become more than mere consumers, passively receiving the ideas of others.”

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