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New Weekly Series - Uno Minuto with Shannon Kenny

We are excited to kick of our new video series, Uno Minuto with Shannon Kenny. This program will bring you weekly tips on Italy travel. Our first episode gives you tips on how to purchase the best airline ticket for your vacation.

Airfare to Europe is a big ticket item in any itinerary, especially for families. It can be hard to pull the trigger and resist the temptation to hunt for impractical savings at the cost of convenience that can end up being more expensive in terms of both time and money.

The fact is, airfare is the least flexible budget item in any itinerary. I suggest focusing on finding a convenient routing with minimal transfers, decent departure and arrival times, and nearest proximity to your destination. Even if it saves you up to $200 per ticket, which for a family of four is $800, flying into Milan if your destination is Rome after 3 flight transfers and arriving at midnight can potentially cost you more than that on the ground, or if flights are missed. Arriving rested with minimized jetlag and departing at a reasonable hour from a nearby airport can make a big difference in your enjoyment of the trip by reducing stress.

Your airfare purchase is the first step in officially planning your holiday to Europe. Delaying unnecessarily can also mean you may not have access to premium bookings for lodging in some of the more popular destinations. So, go ahead, pull the trigger on your best airfare option, then economize on the items in your itinerary where you have endless choices, such as food, activities, and lodging. Buon viaggio!

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