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Favorite Kid-Friendly Activities in Rome

Pantheon, Rome
What makes the Pantheon so terrific is that it is one of the few ancient sites that is still perfectly intact. It's a very easy stop for the kids. No lines, you just walk in and walk out at your own pace. Plus, it's surrounded by gelato shops and close to Piazza Navona. Among the many dignitaries, artists, and saints buried in the Pantheon lies Queen Margherita, who liked cheese pizza so much, it is now reputedly named after her in Italy, a fact children are likely to relate to! Upon leaving the Pantheon, walk over to the adjacent Piazza Minerva for a photo op with Bernini’s adorable baby elephant statue in front of the Church of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva (which houses important works by Michelangelo and Filippino Lippi). Read more here.

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