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A Few New Family-Friendly Holiday Apartments in our Favorite Rome Neighborhoods

Rome Family-Friendly Lodging
This summer season we were pleasantly surprised to discover some jewels among Rome’s thousands of holiday apartment rentals. The below options represent unique value in terms of very reasonable rates with high-level amenities, quality, and location for families in the city.

Hotel Apollo Annex Apartments in Monti Via dei Serpenti 109-110 Rione Monti, Rome

The neighborhood of Rione Monti is a top pick for us when staying in Rome, a locals enclave just a stone’s throw from the Coliseum that offers a haven from the crowds. The streets of Via dei Serpenti and Via del Boschetto have many simple take out dining options, small local markets, a Conad supermarket (on Via del Boschetto), the infamous Fatamorgana gelateria, and poignant piazzas to enjoy it all. We had a pleasant, and very restful, quiet (!) stay at the annex apartments of the Hotel Apollo. Read More here.

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