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Shopping in Amalfi

Amalfi Shopping
In contrast to the higher-end boutiques and alley upon alley of tourist shops in Positano, the town of Amalfi, likewise touristy in general, has a charming array of authentic shops where one can find unique handmade treasures or hip Amalfitana fashion and linens, not to mention artisanal chocolates, candies, sweets, and, of course, limoncello. We are charmed by all of the ceramics of the area, but like to peruse a little bit more thoroughly to find original or artsy pieces. We wandered in to the Contemporary Shop off of Piazza dei Dogi after spying this year’s summer Italia ragazza trend in the window, colorful crocheted flower bracelets, to purchase for my daughter’s 14th birthday. But, wow, and uh oh, as to the original fashions we found inside! We coveted these canvas tote bags, perfect for a busy mama in the summer time. And there was a selection of handmade kid leather and suede clutches each a unique piece stamped with a number. We were surprised and appreciative to receive up a range of 25-50% off of our purchases at such a boutique-type store. Read more here.

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