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The Eternal City - Fun with Kids in Rome

Rome with Kids
This summer my daughters and I put the website to the test during a week in Rome. With two eager helpers at my side, I hit the cobblestone streets with many of the resources listed on the site as a guide. Parents often ask me for strategies to help their kids engage with sightseeing, and I think I’ve finally hit upon two very useful guidelines:

1. Allow children to focus in on the little details. They have the ability to understand the significance much better when it is illustrated via one or two very special sites, rather than trying to squeeze in too much.

2. No matter how young they are, find a way to clearly inform your children of the plan. For example, on each leg of our excursions in Rome, I would explain to the children where we were headed and get them excited about what we were going to see there. This seemed to prevent the usual feet dragging and chorus of “are we there yet”? Upon departing for the next site, I would then entice them with something wonderful to anticipate both along the way and once we get there—ice cream, an elephant statue, a giant foot, and, finally, rounding the corner to the magnificent Pantheon, which took my older daughter Isabella’s breath away. Read more here.

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