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The Art of Florence with Kids


A parent asked me this year during Arte al Sole Umbria, “What are some of your observations of the children’s range of experiences in your programs with respect to the art they are exposed to in Italy?” My answer was I feel in general that we underestimate young children’s ability to appreciate and soak in masterful art, and that this contemporary cultural mishap is redeemed every year as the Arte al Sole kids, from youngest to the teens, always astound me in their thoughtful and attentive appreciation of art and the terrain in Italy that inspired its creation, whether urban or rural. In the case of Florence, as parents, we might say, “Where to start?” There is so much to see. We often hear that the kids don’t want to be “dragged to museums with boring explanations from adults,” and indeed they don’t. But this doesn’t mean the kids don’t appreciate looking at art, on their own terms. And Florence offers many opportunities for that. Read More here.

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