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Florence with the Kids

Florence with Kids
Florence is one of my favorite cities in Italy, if not in all of Europe. It’s a bit of a challenge with kids given the sophisticated tourist attractions, however, with meticulous planning (see Nancy’s tips for cities with kids), you can make this city approachable and fun.

The magnificent city of Florence has so many marvels to explore that planning a family trip to the city can seem a bit overwhelming. Yet the beauty of this Renaissance city, perched proudly on the Arno and nestled amid iconic villa-adorned hills, is not lost on the little ones.

Nor are the wonders of the local art and architecture. With thoughtful planning that involves the children in crafting a family-friendly itinerary, Florence will inspire lifetime memories for the entire family in a lively, exciting environment in which museums and historical sites are increasingly providing more and more unique exhibits and educational programs designed just for children. Read more here.

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