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Three Tips for Selecting the Perfect Tuscan Villa

 Selecting the Perfect Tuscan Villa
1. Relax, stay awhile... The Tuscan experience is best enjoyed on Italian time. Many of the most desirable properties we represent limit bookings to a Saturday-Saturday stay. While they are willing to make occasional exceptions during the off season upon request, during June-September, expect to book for a week if you are looking for a quality self-catering option. For stays of less than a week, an agriturismo/b&b or country estate are the alternatives. Staying for at least a week will give you the full experience you are seeking as travelers to the area, time to sit and watch the clouds pass by, or get to know some locals, along with 3 or 4 visits to the local sites and a larger city such as Florence for the day. There is also a strong likelihood during the summer that staying awhile will mean the chance to attend the wide range of local festivals going on throughout the region. The kids might even make some Italian friends! 2. Location, location, location... Rather than penciling in 3 nights in Florence and 6 nights divided between two locations in Tuscany, for example, consider adjusting your itinerary to include 2 nights in Florence, and 7 nights in 1 central location in Tuscany. Or, another example, if your itinerary aspires to include stops in Florence, Tuscany, and the Cinque Terre, consider a week-long stay somewhere central like Lucca, where day trips to Tuscany and Florence are a possibility. Identify the sites your group would ideally like to visit throughout Tuscany, and select a location for your villa that allows you the luxury of a week-long stay. In determining your location as you evaluate the villas available, be sure to consider just how deep along country roads your villa is if you plan to do a fair amount of touring versus mostly la dolce far niente … Road conditions for driving and distance to the regional highways or autostrada can make a significant difference in your drive time and should be considered along with simply the distance in kilometers. Read more here.

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