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Shannon Kenny, Founder

Founder Shannon Kenny has a Master's Degree in Medieval and Renaissance History and has worked as a published author, editor, and educator in the fields of history, French and Italian language, the social sciences, and educational and boutique travel for over 20 years. After many years of traveling to Italy for both work and pleasure, Shannon founded the international children’s cultural program Arte al Sole in 2007 to serve the needs of families traveling and living abroad. To meet families’ demand for quality and trustworthy travel information, in 2008 Shannon launched, an online resource for family travel to Italy.  In 2018, she founded a software technology company,, putting her data analytics and content conversions expertise to work solving labor supply gaps in the paid caregiving workforce.


Over 2 decades Shannon and her team have supported client content strategies ranging from SEO, print book projects, TEDx talks, YouTube video production, digital media production, podcast production, and more!


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